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Smriti Yoga is the principal yoga school of self realization that offers comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training in India at an ecological resort set up in a 25 acre working organic farm situated in a beautiful village in the rain forests of western ghats in India. We base our Yoga Teacher Training on the fundamentals of Ashtanga (eight limbs of yoga) and through our unique programs; we extend this to embrace all ancient Vedic sciences.

We offer a multi-style fusion of several great forms including phenomenal academic curriculum with extremely experienced and passionate teachers in a friendly environment. Our venues are mindfully chosen to integrate natural elements in pure environment and we put focus on conscious living and organic food.


Siddhartha is a native to India and the founder of Smriti Yoga. He has been influenced by the Vedic philosophy while growing up through his grandfather who was an orator of the Vedas. He continued his passion.. Read more


Jennifer Hoessler

I grew up with the yoga philosophy, as my mum is a yoga teacher and taught me spiritual wisdom, almost without me being really aware of it. Around the age of 20 I recognized that my way of thinking and living... Read more


Jenny Viktorsson

My journey into yoga was inspired from the longing for beautiful sensation and wonderful feeling of being in connection with myself whenever dancing. I knew from my very first yoga class in Spain.. Read more


Our Philosophy

Smriti is a Sanskrit word meaning "that which is remembered". Smriti, the true conception of knowledge of self and all manifestation already exists within... Read more

Yoga plus

Yoga plus is our initiative to promote science of yoga in local community where we offer free classes and workshops for the people and offer the eligible ones scholarship... Read more

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