Siddhartha is a native to India and the founder of Smriti Yoga. He has been influenced by the Vedic philosophy while growing up through his grandfather who was General Secretary of the world spiritual council of India and an orator of the ancient wisdom of Vedas and Upanishads. He continued his passion through personal studies and is an internationally certified teacher. He has been studying and teaching the yoga philosophy for many years, and continues to learn and deepen his knowledge of the ancient wisdom combined with modern science.

His life flourished at an early age in the corporate world as a motivational speaker with great financial success and was awarded in an annual convention on a pacific island as one of the top ten performers in front of delegates from 13 countries. His perspective in life changed after some adverse events and he knew there was something deeper and meaningful in life than just acquisition of material wealth. Through this conscious decision, he led himself on decade long journey of self enquiry attending various meditational camps and yoga retreats.

Today, Siddhartha is a proponent of Realism, A Sound-Light and Space-Time Maverick who sings Sanskrit mantras with an equal ease as he describes the complex equations of modern science. He is an Author, Speaker, Transformational Guide and a Visionary. He leads workshops, retreats and teachers training globally and is continually involved in the never ending process of learning and has beautifully expressed himself in his writings and poems. His study and research is so deep that he teaches Upanishads intertwined with quantum physics so that it embodies realism.

He is the author of (SWADHYAYA – Introspection Protocol) and his paper (DANCING YOGA – Grace in Motion) featured in India International Center’s quarterly magazine. He is also the founder of AQ (Awareness Quotient) and creator of the following Transformational Retreat Programs to assist others on the path to self remembrance and find their purpose in life.

1. Sambodh – A Holistic Understanding

From a Human Being to a Conscious Being

2. SAP (Self Awareness Program) –Individual Resource Planning

A Self Growth Program for Holistic Transformation

3. Creative Psychology – An Inner Dialogue

A Conflict Resolution Program for Internal Integrity


Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa | Philosophy | Meditation
Designation : RYT 500


Siddhartha has a way of explaining philosophy that would make Aristotle envious and is one of the most switched on person I’ve ever encountered. Spending a month learning with him in the embrace of gorgeous organic farm is sure to be a magical experience…

Christopher   (USA)


Jennifer Hoessler

Jennifer Hoessler

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Jenny Viktorsson

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