• 200 hour yoga teacher training goa host family


The Host Family

CHINMAY enthusiastically shares his intensive knowledge of farming and the environment with any inquisitive minds.  If you have any sort of ailment, he has a natural remedy up his sleeves and smile on his face.
GAURI is one super mama. Like Grandma she prepares the best meals.  She is eager to share her recipes and experiences with others and is even beginning to develop her own yoga practice.
RADHA has the zest for life that is so powerful in children.  She loves dancing, colouring books, cartoons, and practising to climb trees like her papa.
MIRA brings a smile to all she comes into contact with.  She is constantly wearing ‘borrowed’ sandals twice her size and scheming to sneak a spoonful of sugar or honey.
GRANDMA’S cooking is out of this world.  She is incredibly humble and loving, and often followed around the farm’s three dogs.
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